Legislation & Initiatives

Since taking office in December 2016, Councilmember Hahn has authored over 50 pieces of legislation on issues such as homelessness, affordable housing, environmental sustainability, small business, traffic safety and fire and disaster preparedness. Councilmember Hahn has worked closely with Mayor Arreguin and other Councilmembers, as well as City staff, to propose and implement policies to improve and protect the City of Berkeley.

You can find a complete list of legislation authored by Councilmember Hahn here, and a full list of co-sponsored legislation here.


   Oaks Theater RenewalOaks.png
   Helped bring a new climbing gym to the Oaks on Solano Avenue.
   Touchstone Climbing will keep the iconic marquee and façade and
   help revitalize the Avenue. Stay tuned for a Grand Opening!

   Small Business SupportSmall_business.png
   Authored comprehensive legislation to support local businesses
   and to enhance the sustainability and character of our
   neighborhood shopping districts.


   Fire Safety and PreventionFire.png
   Fast-tracked measures to keep Berkeley safe from wildfires and earthquakes,
   including vegetation management, warning systems and evacuation plans.

   Addressing the Homeless EmergencyPathways.png
   Authored the Pathways Project, launched the STAIR Navigation Center
   and co-authored Measure P, to rehouse and serve the homeless and
   relieve pressure from our streets, parks and public spaces.

   Reducing Plastics and LitterPlastic.png
   Authored groundbreaking legislation to transition from plastic to compostable
   and durable foodware and reduce litter in our streets, storm drains and waterways.

   Hopkins Corridor Safety and PlacemakingN_Berk_Lib.png
   Secured funds and launched a Safety and Placemaking Study of Hopkins
   and adjoining streets, to improve safety and enjoyment for all citizens

   Affordable HousingAff_Housing.png
   Authored legislation to fast-track affordable projects and reduce fees,
   and helped author and lead the successful campaign to pass
   Berkeley’s Measure O Bond, jump-starting affordable housing.

   Clean Energy and Green, Accessible BuildingsClean_energy.png
   Helped launch East Bay Community Energy, bringing clean and renewable
   energy  to every Berkeley home, and championed green buildings and
   universal design, to support people of all ages and abilities.

   Fiscal Responsibility and Good GovernmentCity_hall.png
   Co-authored Berkeley’s first-ever Reserves Policy and helped design the
   City Council’s new legislative committee system, supporting
   robust review of new policies and laws.

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