• June 18, 2020

    A Deeper Dive Into COVID-19

    Since people in Berkeley love to be well informed, I put together a set of resources that provide a “deeper dive” into academic and other in-depth information about COVID-19. 

    Academic Resources 

    Academic institutions across the nation have been providing top of the line research about COVID-19 and public health information about ending the pandemic 

    University of California Berkeley School of Public Health

    Our home team is working on the leading edge of COVID-19 research to find game-changing solutions, educate the public and serve vulnerable populations.

    Main Page                   UC Berkeley Public Health

    Berkeley Research        Berkeley Conversations: COVID-19

    University of California San Francisco (UCSF) 

    Since the beginning of this crisis, UCSF has rapidly repurposed their labs to understand and fight COVID-19. Dozens of faculty have initiated studies, including the structural biology of viral proteins, development of novel antiviral drugs, studies of the infection process in cultured lung cells, and clinical studies of patients with the disease. Their policy is to support any research that has potential to mitigate the impact of COVID-19 on human health.

    Main Page              Virtual Town Hall

    COVID-19 News      UCSF Research

    Live Grand Rounds       Recorded Grand Rounds

    Stanford University 

    Stanford Medicine is closely monitoring the COVID-19 pandemic. On their site you can find the latest news on COVID-19 testing, treatment, tracking data, and medical research. Stanford Medicine scientists have launched dozens of research projects as part of the response to COVID-19. Some aim to prevent, diagnose and treat the disease; others aim to understand how it spreads and how people’s immune systems respond to it.

    Main Page       National Daily Health Survey 

    Stanford Research    COVID-19 CME Education

    Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

    MIT is similarly using its expertise to engage faculty, students, alumni and others as entrepreneurs. Over 50 projects at university labs, home offices and companies are underway, ranging from a tracking system for ventilators to recording cases at the county level – all while trying to match inventors with investors.

    Main Page  Open Research

    MIT News  Medical Updates

    The Lancet

    The lancet, an independent and international weekly medical journal, provides an excellent collection of articles and other resources on the Covid-19 outbreak, including clinical reports, management guidelines, and commentary.

    Main Page

    New England Journal of Medicine 

    This journal provides an excellent collection of articles and other resources on the Covid-19 outbreak, including clinical reports, management guidelines, and commentary.

    Main Page

    COVID-19: News and Journalism 

    Local and national newspapers have been publishing excellent coverage of COVID-19 news in the United States and around the world. 



    Berkeleyside has been closely monitoring the COVID-19 Pandemic in Berkeley, with round-the-clock updates and consistent reporting, to provide information and resources that are specific to Berkeley residents. They also regularly update a list of fundraising campaigns to help impacted workers and have provided guidance on the re-opening of retail shops for curbside pick-up following Berkeley’s new health order.

    Main Page   Food Scene Updates

    Help Local Workers Berkeley’s New Health Order

    San Francisco Chronicle

    The Chronicle is mapping every reported coronavirus case in the Bay Area, California and the U.S., and provides extensive coverage of the pandemic throughout the Bay Area.

    Main Page   Maps and Trackers

    Visual Essay

    Los Angeles Times 

    The LA Times Staff has successfully combined COVID-19 data trends with simple visualizations. Graphs, multicolored flowcharts, timelines, and maps. They are also conducting an independent, continual survey of dozens of local health agencies across the state.

    Main Page   Open Research Database

    New York Times 

    Public Health professionals have told me that the The New York Times' COVID-19 coverage is so reliable and comprehensive that they use it as a source for information about trends, data and research from across the globe.

    Main Page   Maps and Trackers

    Latest Updates  Coronavirus Briefing 

    CDC, CDPH, and Berkeley’s Public Health Officer 

    In addition to all of the in-depth resources included in this blog, it is also important to rely on trusted health authorities, including the California Department of Public Health and City of Berkeley Public Health.

    The CDC has also created a data and statistics page for COVID-19.