In these challenging times, the health, safety, and wellbeing of our community are Sophie’s #1 priority:

  • Supported fast and effective action on COVID-19 to “flatten the curve” and keep disease and deaths at the lowest possible levels.
  • Introduced emergency legislation to address the needs of vulnerable populations during the pandemic, including seniors, people with disabilities, and the homeless. 
  • Worked with community volunteers establishing neighbor-to-neighbor mutual aid and food delivery services, reducing isolation and increasing health and wellbeing.
  • Directed Berkeley police and firefighters to coordinate with neighboring jurisdictions to end fireworks and other unsafe practices at lookout points on Grizzly Peak Blvd.
  • Wrote legislation to improve Berkeley’s fire safety, disaster preparedness, 911 dispatch, and emergency response capabilities, and voted to allocate an extra $1M for vegetation management and evacuation planning.
  • Leading the fight to keep Berkeley’s only Hospital, Alta Bates, open. Please sign Sophie’s petition to save Alta Bates at
  • Strongly supporting Measure FF, which will provide funding for increased ambulance capacity, emergency alert systems, and a modernized 9-1-1 dispatch center. 

Sophie has led efforts to create and protect affordable housing and address the crisis of homelessness - supporting programs to keep vulnerable people housed and rehouse those who are living on our streets.

  • Introduced an ambitious affordable housing framework for a “Diverse, Equitable and Creative Berkeley,” with a goal of creating housing affordable to seniors, artists, students, and working families, people with disabilities, and the homeless.
  • Helped allocate funding and break ground on major affordable projects including low-income senior housing at Cedar and Oxford Streets in North Berkeley.
  • Wrote legislation to waive fees and expedite review for affordable housing projects.
  • Helped write and lead the campaign to pass 2018’s Affordable Housing Bond (Measure O), Berkeley’s largest-ever investment in affordable housing.
  • Voted to increase the number of affordable units required in market-rate developments and the fee for projects without affordable units on site.
  • Allocated more money than ever for anti-displacement and eviction defense programs that help keep vulnerable residents housed.
  • Co-Authored the Pathways Project, reorganizing Berkeley’s homeless services into a Housing First model, offering real opportunities for our homeless to be rehoused.
  • Helped create Berkeley’s first Navigation Center, rehousing over 250 people and serving as a model for other East Bay communities.
  • Introduced a resolution asking the Governor to proclaim a California Homelessness State of Emergency and release funds for Berkeley and other impacted cities. 
  • Allocated funds to increase hand-washing and sanitary facilities, personal storage, and trash pick-up in areas impacted by unsheltered homelessness. 

A true environmental leader, Sophie has received wide recognition for her innovative programs to address climate change, plastics, and pollution

  • Authored internationally acclaimed legislation to end the use of throw-away plastic foodware, which has inspired action across the globe - from San Francisco to Paris.
  • Received an award from Berkeley’s Ecology Center for “Outstanding Service to People and Planet,” in recognition of her environmental leadership.
  • Received an award on behalf of Berkeley from the SF Bay Water Quality Management Board for her anti-plastics legislation.
  • Advocated for the Establishment of East Bay Community Energy, which provides every home and business in Berkeley the option of 100% renewable energy. 
  • Co-sponsored a Climate Emergency Resolution with a goal to make Berkeley fossil-fuel-free by 2030, and first-in-kind legislation requiring new buildings to be all-electric.
  • Developed a Deep Green Building plan with a roadmap for Berkeley buildings to achieve Zero Net Energy and be as green and toxics-free as possible. 
  • Sponsored adoption of the Good Food Purchasing Program’s goals of purchasing only sustainably and humanely produced food, and the establishment of “Green Monday,” encouraging plant-based meals.
  • Wrote Berkeley’s first urban agriculture laws and co-founded The Berkeley Basket, a backyard farm and CSA providing hyper-local, organic produce to neighbors.

Sophie grew up in North Berkeley and is dedicated to serving the people and neighborhoods of District 5 - and all of Berkeley. 

  • Commissioned a “Traffic and Placemaking Study” of the Hopkins Corridor, from Sutter St. to Gilman, to address pedestrian and bike safety, add green features and enhance space for community and commerce. 
  • Commissioned a “Solano Avenue Revitalization Plan” to enhance Solano as a neighborhood-serving, attractive and sustainable Main Street for North Berkeley.
  • Worked with the community and owners of The Oaks Theater to attract a new buyer, Touchstone Climbing, that will bring hundreds of new customers to upper Solano (last word is they are still planning to open, after COVID-19!).   
  • At John Hinkel Park, cut the ribbon on a new, wheelchair accessible picnic and view area, initiated planning for a children’s play area at the lower parking area, and allocated funds for a major vegetation management effort, to reduce fire hazards.
  • Broke ground on a major renovation of the Live Oak Park Community Center.
  • Improved pedestrian safety for seniors, children, and families with a new stop sign at Rose and Walnut streets.
  • Answered thousands of constituent inquiries and concerns, and problem-solved for neighborhoods and individuals across the District - and throughout Berkeley.

Growing up in Berkeley, Sophie’s values were forged during the Civil Rights, Free Speech and Anti-War movements. She is deeply committed to social justice and civil liberties. 

  • Answering nationwide calls for criminal justice reform, helped initiate a broad consultative process to reorganize public safety resources, providing more mental health and community services and diversifying emergency response capabilities so our police can focus on preventing and solving real crimes.
  • Authored legislation to create alternative enforcement options for Berkeley’s sidewalks ordinance including community service, education, and participation in social service programs, rather than fines and criminal prosecution. 
  • Improved processes for declaration of "First Amendment Curfews," to ensure speech and protest are not restricted or banned without evidence of real threats to public safety.
  • Strengthened Berkeley’s City of Refuge policy and opposed targeting of immigrants by the Trump administration.
  • Requested review of Berkeley’s safe storage of firearms ordinance and supported gun control efforts at the state and federal levels 
  • Funded body cameras and strengthened police oversight by supporting Measure ii, to bring police review commission processes up to state and national best practices. 
  • Repeatedly reaffirmed the City’s commitment to Roe v. Wade and moved forward a paid family leave ordinance.  
  • Providing one of the strongest voices on the City Council to protect privacy and limit government surveillance.