Dear Friends,

It is with great enthusiasm that I announce my candidacy for Berkeley City Council’s 5th District, and invite you to join me in bringing fresh, dynamic and effective leadership to Berkeley!

I was extremely lucky to grow up in District 5, and my husband Eric and I chose to raise our own three children less than a mile from my childhood home.  Passionate about Berkeley and dedicated to our core values of equity, opportunity, education and the environment, I am eager to roll up my sleeves and work full time for the City I love. 

I draw great inspiration from the outstanding people of District 5 – and all of Berkeley - who are at the forefront of imagining and creating a better world.  Your input is, and always will be, central to my work on the Council. Cities across America are pioneering new solutions to address affordability, sustainability and other civic challenges.  Working together, let’s replicate good examples, and tap the ideas and initiative of our own amazing citizens.

As we take on the great opportunities of growth and change, it’s important to elect leaders who really understand - and treasure - the people, places and institutions that make Berkeley such a unique and wonderful place.  With a deep record of service to this community, and experience in law, policy, leadership and small business, I will continue my work to ensure that Berkeley retains its unique spirit – and continues to thrive. 

Please join the campaign!  I am eager to hear your ideas for Berkeley and District 5, and invite you to endorse, volunteer and donate

                              Thank you for joining me for a new era of excellence –
                                            a Berkeley as vibrant and visionary as the people who live here! 

                                        - Sophie Hahn



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