Dear Neighbors,

Welcome, and thank you for your interest in my campaign!

         It is with great enthusiasm that I announce my candidacy for Berkeley City Council’s District 5, and invite you to join me in bringing fresh, dynamic and effective leadership to our community.

         Over the past four years, my vision of positive change for our neighborhoods, commercial districts and for all of Berkeley has been further strengthened, while my involvement in the community has deepened.

         There is much work to be done: revitalization of our business districts, including Solano Avenue and the downtown; comprehensive support for local businesses; long range planning – and action – to meet economic challenges; improvements in transportation, the environment and sustainability; increased transparency and outreach; disaster preparedness throughout District 5; improved relations with UC Berkeley, and more.

         It’s time for a new generation of leaders who can bring the community together around a shared vision – and solutions – for Berkeley’s future.

         With a background in law, policy, leadership and small business, and a deep record of service to this community, I will be pro-active, independent and hardworking, engaging the community to address longstanding needs with forward-looking solutions.

         As your full-time Councilwoman, representing neighborhoods where I grew up and now live with my own family, I will personally respond to resident concerns and will always be at the service of our community.

         I invite you to explore this website and learn more about my background, participation, hopes and concerns, and welcome all opportunities to hear from you. Your input is, and always will be, most valuable. In addition, please sign up to provide your endorsement, make a donation, get a yard sign or to volunteer. I am grateful for your support, and for your vote on November 6. It will be my honor to represent you.

         Cities across America – and around the world – are pioneering new solutions to address sustainability and civic challenges. We can replicate good examples, and tap the initiative of Berkeley’s own visionaries – many of whom live in District 5.

         Thank you for joining me for a new era of excellence – a Berkeley as vibrant and visionary as the people who live here.

     Sophie Hahn

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Photo of Sophie Hahn
Sophie in her backyard farm

Sophie doesn’t wait for change, she makes it. It’s time for a new generation of leaders with the vision and drive to create a truly sustainable future for Berkeley.

- Annie Leonard
Author, The Story of Stuff

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Photo of Sophie Hahn
Sophie's family on a hike